STEVE CONDOS   1918 – 1990
NICK CONDOS     1915 - 1988
FRANK CONDOS 1913 - 1970
The Condos Brothers were raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where their parents, Greek immigrants, ran a restaurant across from the Standard Theatre. Frank, the eldest of the brothers, delivered meals from his father's restaurant to the dancers at the theatre and became fascinated with tap dancing. He would study the art and practice the steps endlessly and would in turn teach his two younger brothers what he had learned. Five-Tap Wings were (and still are) on of the most complicated steps in tap dancing, but he learned and perfected them and at the age of sixteen left home to embark on a career on stage with his dance partner Mateo Olvera.

Two years later they broke up the act and younger brother Nick joined Frank as 'The Condos Brothers". In 1930 they went overseas to perform at the London Pallidium. They also performed with many of the top big bands of the era, such as Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Duke Elligton, and Woody Herman and his Orchestra. Frank later went solo and the youngest of the Condos, Steve, took his brothers place. This was the teaming so often seen on screen.

In 1938 they appeared in a Sonja Henie vechicle entitled "Happy Landing" beating out the rhythm of the dance in Native American attire atop two drums. The Abbott and Costello comedy In the Navy gave them another opprotunity to display their scintillating syncopation of sound.

The Condos Brothers were Darryl F. Zanuck's favorite dancing duo and so he put them in two Betty Grable's films: Moon over Miami and the morale-boosting Pin Up Girl. It was during the making of Pin-Up Girl that Nick Condos met entertainer Martha Raye, and shortly thereafter they were married. In addition to continuing his stage career he became her personal manager. In 1944 a daughter was born Melodye Raye Condos, but their marraige did not last long (although it was the longest of Raye's seven marriages ) and in 1953 they divorced .He continued to be her manager and worked closely with her on her television series The Martha Raye Show. He later married a New York fashion designer, but remained close to Raye for the rest of his life.

During the mid-1950s the brothers went their seperate ways and Steve Condos began a successful solo career performing on stage and television.  Steve's flying feet were featured in the film "Tap" which showcased all the legends in that field of tap dance, but only two years later during a concert appearence in Lyons, France with the Nicholas Brothers, he died after the show from a sudden heart attack. He was 71 years old.

Of the three Condos brothers, Steve in particular won worldwide acclaim for his artistry in the field of tap rhythm. He spent his life making music with his feet.
"Rhythm is the spice of life"
         by Steve Condos